Sarah Farooqi, Business Analyst

Sarah believes in digital technology as a powerful accelerator for the Sustainable Development Goals. In her current role at DIAL, she is working with a wide range of global development actors to improve the Catalog of Digital Solutions and providing support to the GovStack initiative. Sarah joined DIAL as a Fellow for the Open Source Center in 2019 and transitioned to working full-time in February 2021.

Prior to joining DIAL, Sarah has experience working with NGOs in emergency, relief, recovery, and rehabilitation, creating standards, designing research and publications, and conducting quality management audits. She has also worked on several entrepreneurial and passion projects. Sarah is enthusiastic about data, problem solving, systems thinking, and connecting people to opportunities. Her master’s capstone was designing an indexing tool to track state-level government responses to COVID-19 to evaluate household impacts in the United States.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in international economics and finance from Ryerson University in Canada, and a master’s degree in sustainability from Harvard University. She has also completed two professional certifications in international development & environmental sustainability and corporate sustainability & innovation from Harvard’s Extension School.