What We Do

DIAL has three primary aims: to expedite the deployment of proven software and technology platforms, expand mobile distribution channels, and ensure responsible use of network data.

Our portfolios and their corresponding programs tackle persistent product, pricing, policy and people challenges that prevent these digital channels from being incorporated easily into development programs.

Our success is measured by development actors’ increased efficiency and effectiveness incorporating digital technology into their development services.

COVID-19 Response

  • DIAL and partners have created a list of resources that can be used during this critical, global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • DIAL has developed a starter guide on how to use mobile network operator data as part of a country’s COVID-19 response. We hope it serves as a useful resource for governments and intermediaries. Access the guide here.

Proven Software and Technology Platforms

  • DIAL expedites the deployment of proven technology through investments in software platforms and capacity development


  • DIAL works to identify cross-sector ICT4SDG platform gaps; supports technology for development/open source software platforms; and builds capacity through the Principles for Digital Development, targeted research and how-to-guidance

Mobile Distribution Channels

  • DIAL expands the availability of mobile distribution channels primed to deliver SDG services at scale


  • DIAL builds awareness for distribution channels and capabilities and tests mechanisms for aggregate demand and pooled procurement

Responsible Use of Network Data

  • DIAL ensures responsible, widespread access and use of network data for SDG decision-making


  • DIAL demonstrates D4D analytics and data models, develops and deploys a common data architecture and strengthens the ecosystem’s ability to deploy D4D systems

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