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Mobile Distribution Channels

Case Study: Shujaaz, Well Told Story, Kenya (Messengers Initiative)

Well Told Story (WTS) is a Nairobi-based research and media company that produces Shujaaz, a youth media initiative that combines a comic book with radio and YouTube programs and on-the-ground…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Case Study: MomConnect, Praekelt Foundation, South Africa (Messengers Initiative)

Developed in South Africa by the Praekelt Foundation in 2013, MomConnect was designed to provide pregnant women and new mothers with access to critical health information via their mobile phones.…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Case Study: Food Bot and the AIDA Chatbot Builder, World Food Program and InSTEDD (Messengers Initiative)

The mobile Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (mVAM) project was designed to both collect data from World Food Programme (WFP) beneficiaries and share critical information with them. Since its…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Case Study: Ebola Community Action Platform (ECAP), Mercy Corps, Liberia (Messengers Initiative)

In response to the Ebola outbreak in 2014, Mercy Corps developed the Ebola Community Action Platform (ECAP), an emergency program to help Liberian communities protect themselves and access care.…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Case Study: Amigo Anônimo (Anonymous Friend), Alcoholics Anonymous, Brazil (Messengers Initiative)

Amigo Anônimo (Anonymous Friend) is a Facebook Messenger chatbot operated by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Brazil. It was launched in 2017 as part of a new AA campaign to address the rising rate of…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Case Study: Agricultural Value Chain (AVC), DAI, Uzbekistan (Messengers Initiative)

Since 2008, the Agricultural Value Chain (AVC) project in Uzbekistan has supported commercial horticulture development by working with producers, processors, traders and exporters to create market…

Insights and Impact

Technology Landscape for Digital Identification

Robust, inclusive, and responsible identification systems can increase access to finance, healthcare, education, and other critical services and benefits. Identification systems are also key to…

Responsible Use of Network Data

Unlocking MNO Data to Enhance Public Services and Humanitarian Efforts

The paper provides insights to governments, humanitarian organizations and mobile network operators (MNOs) on the shared value proposition of using MNO data for development. Understanding how…

Insights and Impact

The Role of Digital Identification for Healthcare: The Emerging Use Cases

Identification is crucial for the efficient and effective delivery of health services and public health management and is therefore instrumental for achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3.…

Digital Principles

Beyond Scale: How to Make Your Digital Development Program Sustainable

The Digital Impact Alliance launched "Beyond Scale", a free online guide for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that details key challenges and potential solutions when scaling and sustaining…