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Mobile Distribution Channels

Promoting Mobile Sector Engagement in Malawi

DIAL convened a one-day Mobile Engagement Workshop in Lilongwe, Malawi on 20 Feb, 2019, bringing together 55 people from over 30 organizations. There was senior representation from the development…

Insights and Impact

One Pager: DIAL’s Products and Research

DIAL produces, curates and disseminates evidence-based products packaged in products with easy-to-understand guidance so that country governments, technology companies, the development community…

Responsible Use of Network Data

One Pager: Responsible Use of Network Data

The Digital Impact Alliance believes in ensuring responsible, widespread access and use of network data to support the Sustainable Development Goals. DIAL works to create shared value scenarios…

Mobile Distribution Channels

One Pager: Mobile Distribution Channels

The potential for mobile channels to help deliver services to the underserved and support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals across multiple sectors has been well documented.…

Proven Software and Technology

One Pager: Proven Software and Technology

In today’s world, software platforms can meet the varied needs and desires of billions of underserved people. Unfortunately, building, implementing and maintaining software is a difficult and…

Insights and Impact

One Pager: DIAL Backgrounder

The Digital Impact Alliance’s vision is a world in which the underserved benefit from digital technology.DIAL has three primary aims: to expedite the deployment of proven software and technology…

Responsible Use of Network Data

FlowKit: Unlocking the Power of Mobile Data for Humanitarian and Development Purposes

While the commercial world routinely uses mobile data to do everything from targeting food purchases to optimizing one’s route to work, the humanitarian and development sector lags behind in…

Mobile Distribution Channels

A Guide to Using Mobile Aggregators to Deliver NGO Services at National Scale

This guide is the second in a series focused on building awareness among NGOs of mobile channels and platforms, their capabilities and when to use an aggregator to deliver services at scale. …

Insights and Impact

Digital Impact Alliance 2018 Annual Report: Advancing Digital Inclusion to Achieve the SDGs

At DIAL, we are committed to supporting the digital development ecosystem as it moves from a world of disjointed technology building blocks to the institutionalized use of digital technology. Our…

Insights and Impact

Financing Digital Markets: What Vaccines Can Tell Us About Scaling Digital Technologies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

DIAL worked with researchers at the Tableau Foundation and PATH to determine whether the lessons from the innovative market-shaping activities that transformed the vaccine market could be applied…