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DIAL produces, curates and disseminates evidence-based products packaged with easy-to-understand guidance so that country governments, technology companies, the development community and other implementers can quickly use them to inform ongoing efforts to fund, design and deploy digital services to more people. Jump in and learn about our latest publications and releases.

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Proven Software and Technology

One Pager: Proven Software and Technology

In today’s world, software platforms can meet the varied needs and desires of billions of underserved people. Unfortunately, building, implementing and maintaining software is a difficult and…

Insights and Impact

One Pager: DIAL Backgrounder

The Digital Impact Alliance’s vision is a world in which the underserved benefit from digital technology.DIAL has three primary aims: to expedite the deployment of proven software and technology…

Digital Principles

Harnessing the Value of the Digital Principles for Inclusive Development

Last week, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), the Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) and the Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) together presented on inclusive digital development at the…

Insights and Impact

Reflections on Mobile World Congress 2019: Working Towards an Inclusive Future

A few weeks ago, members of the mobile industry including mobile and fixed network operators, handset manufacturers, software and technology firms, network equipment providers and others gathered…

Proven Software and Technology

Where Africa Connects: A Dynamic Week at the Africa Tech Summit

The excitement at the African Tech Summit (February 13-15, 2019) at the sprawling Kigali Convention Center in Kigali, Rwanda was electric and palpable.  An annual three-day conference…

Monitoring and Evaluation

Deciphering DIAL’s Impact on the Digital Ecosystem, Staff Spotlight: Scott Neilitz

More than ever, evidence and its use in evidence-informed policymaking and decision-making is increasingly crucial. Recently, the organization Evidence Action made waves in the non-profit world when…

Insights and Impact

Laura Walker McDonald Joins DIAL as Senior Director, Insights and Impact

The Digital Impact Alliance is pleased to welcome Laura Walker McDonald as Senior Director, Insights and Impact. With more than 12 years of global experience in technology, social change, and…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Scaling Mobile for International Development: Harnessing Opportunities, Minimizing Challenges

As global mobile penetration expands, it brings with it a significant opportunity to create access to information and services in areas such as health, agriculture, education, finance, retail, etc.…

Responsible Use of Network Data

Open-Source Tool Set to Leverage the Power of Mobile Data for Humanitarian Assistance and International Development Purposes

A new white paper lays out specific examples of how FlowKit has the potential of becoming a key solution to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of disaster and emergency response Barcelona…

Responsible Use of Network Data

FlowKit: Unlocking the Power of Mobile Data for Humanitarian and Development Purposes

While the commercial world routinely uses mobile data to do everything from targeting food purchases to optimizing one’s route to work, the humanitarian and development sector lags behind in…

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