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DIAL produces, curates and disseminates evidence-based products packaged with easy-to-understand guidance so that country governments, technology companies, the development community and other implementers can quickly use them to inform ongoing efforts to fund, design and deploy digital services to more people. Jump in and learn about our latest publications and releases.

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Proven Software and Technology

SDG Building Block Demonstration

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the world’s shared plan to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality, and protect the planet by 2030. Targeted and responsible use of technology can help…

Insights and Impact

How DIAL Can Help the Response to COVID-19

With the growth in COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks, I have been thinking a lot about my work in global health, particularly Ebola, and how our work at the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) can…

Insights and Impact

What We Learned About Financing Digital Technology

This blog is part of a series aimed at exploring the scalability of financing digital technology and the procurement process for digital tools in the development sector, specifically for…

Digital Principles

How Governments can use the Digital Principles to Enable Digital Transformation

In September 2018, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) published the SDG Digital Investment Framework in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). This framework calls on…

Insights and Impact

The New Evaluation Frontier

Evaluation practice in the international development sector has evolved significantly over the last decade. It wasn’t that long ago that most development projects would only track output…


Moving Forward: The Need for Better Data

The digital age has led to enormous opportunities across the world and sub-Saharan Africa, but also significant challenges. This is an installment of a new DIAL insights series that explores some of…

Insights and Impact

Financing Digital Technologies: Conversations about Public Procurement

This blog is part of a series aimed at exploring the scalability of financing digital technology and the procurement process for digital tools in the development sector, specifically for…

Insights and Impact

In Digital Development, Responsible Data Use Must Be A Priority

Since we were founded, almost five years ago, one of the central tasks of the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) has been delivering prototypes and replicable models for digital data for development.…

Insights and Impact

National Legal Data Protection Regimes: A Comparative Analysis of Six Countries

DIAL aims to support the D4D ecosystem by providing resources, such as this paper, that can help the various D4D actors (including governments, private sector firms, NGOs, and implementing…

Monitoring and Evaluation

Learning as we go in a fast-paced digital world

For the past five years, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) has taken a human-centered design approach to our programming, including building, testing and conducting research with our partners,…

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