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Monitoring and Evaluation

Deciphering DIAL’s Impact on the Digital Ecosystem, Staff Spotlight: Scott Neilitz

More than ever, evidence and its use in evidence-informed policymaking and decision-making is increasingly crucial. Recently, the organization Evidence Action made waves in the non-profit world when…

Insights and Impact

Laura Walker McDonald Joins DIAL as Senior Director, Insights and Impact

The Digital Impact Alliance is pleased to welcome Laura Walker McDonald as Senior Director, Insights and Impact. With more than 12 years of global experience in technology, social change, and…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Scaling Mobile for International Development: Harnessing Opportunities, Minimizing Challenges

As global mobile penetration expands, it brings with it a significant opportunity to create access to information and services in areas such as health, agriculture, education, finance, retail, etc.…

Responsible Use of Network Data

More Lighthouses for Stormy Seas: Navigating the Waters of Data Science

The responsible use of data in our field is not a new topic for us, but recent news reminds us why this work is so important. Over the past few months, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) has been…

Monitoring and Evaluation

What the Evidence Shows: Challenges and Opportunities for ICT4D in 2019

Earlier this month, DIAL published the final report of our Global Digital Ecosystem Study. In talking with tech specialists and representatives of NGOs, donor organizations, mobile…

Proven Software and Technology

Three Considerations for Total Cost of Ownership

"Global Good" Open Source Software (OSS) products in the Technology for Development (T4D)  sector are mature products that have already received millions of dollars in investments and have been…

Cross Posted Content

Cross-Post: Three (Downloadable!) Activities to Deepen Engagement for Digital Development

All activities mentioned below are available for download! Please send any feedback to info@techchange.org. On November 5-6, 2018, TechChange supported DIAL in convening and facilitating a…

Responsible Use of Network Data

A promising start to the GIZ Data Lab

An increasing number of organizations are launching data innovation programs to test and evaluate new approaches to applying digital data to advance development. These initiatives often come in the…

Insights and Impact

What Lessons the Financing of Vaccines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Can Teach Us About Scaling Digital Technologies

The last decade has seen exponential increases in the impact of digital technologies the world over, changing how people interact with their government, conduct commerce and communicate with each…

Proven Software and Technology

Towards A More Gender-Inclusive Open Source Community

For over two decades, free and open source software has given us the ability to empower anyone to become collective owners of impactful technology with the freedom to study, change, and share…

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