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Cross Posted Content

Cross-Post: Messaging Platforms: Best Practices, Costs, Security, and Privacy

“By 2019, an estimated 3.9 billion people will be using messaging apps (Activate & WSJ Tech). NGOs and the development community have already begun to embrace the opportunity afforded by…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Demand Aggregation: The Secret Ingredient to ICT4D Success

Many global international development organizations are using technology and mobile channels to better understand and reach their target populations. A substantial portion of their budgets for these…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Pooling Aid Sector Demand for Digital Public Goods: Lessons from Sizing Mobile Channel Demand in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mobile communication channels have the potential to deliver services targeting the underserved in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But while there have been projects that…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Cross-post: Positive Collaboration Is Possible Between Aid and Mobile Sectors

Recently, the Digital Impact Alliance, DAI and Accenture Development Partnerships hosted a London Technology Salon on the question of: “Is Positive Collaboration Possible…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Workshop On The Application Of Mobile Technology As A Catalyst For The Delivery Of the SDGs In Sierra Leone

Together with the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI), the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) facilitated a workshop on April 24,…

Insights and Impact

Cross-Post: 4 Use Cases for Internet Messaging Applications in Development Programs

Nearly half of the world’s population uses one or more messaging applications and increasingly, development organizations are seeing the value of using mobile messaging applications to reach both…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Promoting Mobile Sector Engagement in Malawi

DIAL convened a one-day Mobile Engagement Workshop in Lilongwe, Malawi on 20 Feb, 2019, bringing together 55 people from over 30 organizations. There was senior representation from the development…

Mobile Distribution Channels

One Pager: Mobile Distribution Channels

The potential for mobile channels to help deliver services to the underserved and support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals across multiple sectors has been well documented.…

Mobile Distribution Channels

Scaling Mobile for International Development: Harnessing Opportunities, Minimizing Challenges

As global mobile penetration expands, it brings with it a significant opportunity to create access to information and services in areas such as health, agriculture, education, finance, retail, etc.…

Mobile Distribution Channels

A Guide to Using Mobile Aggregators to Deliver NGO Services at National Scale

This guide is the second in a series focused on building awareness among NGOs of mobile channels and platforms, their capabilities and when to use an aggregator to deliver services at scale. …

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