A Principled Approach to Rural Digital Transformation

Rural communities are disproportionally left behind when it comes to digital services, particularly in the fourth industrial revolution. Niger, which has a large rural population of 84 percent, wanted to ensure that its efforts to digital transformation reached and improved the lives of rural citizens. In 2018, Niger Agence Nationale pour la Société d’Information (ANSI) […]

How Governments can use the Digital Principles to Enable Digital Transformation

In September 2018, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) published the SDG Digital Investment Framework in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). This framework calls on governments, donors, technology providers, and development practitioners to take a whole-of-society[1] and whole-of-government approach[2] to investing in and implementing digital technologies. The framework is a tool that governments and their […]

Cross-post: Positive Collaboration Is Possible Between Aid and Mobile Sectors

Recently, the Digital Impact Alliance, DAI and Accenture Development Partnerships hosted a London Technology Salon on the question of: “Is Positive Collaboration Possible Between Aid and Mobile Sectors?” Subscribe today to get invited to future Technology Salons in London Eminent thought leaders Diana Sang (Digital Impact Alliance) and Oliver Rowntree (GSMA) shared their varied experiences of collaboration between development actors and mobile network operators (MNOs) […]

Three Considerations for Total Cost of Ownership

“Global Good” Open Source Software (OSS) products in the Technology for Development (T4D)  sector are mature products that have already received millions of dollars in investments and have been widely-deployed. One million dollars–the rough estimate of annual running cost for many existing Global Goods–may seem like a high cost if procured as a one-off, but […]

Making Better Use of Technology to Meet the SDGs

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) and the ITU (the UN’s information and computing technology agency) have joined forces and launched a program of work aimed at using technology to help the world meet the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—a set of 17 goals and 169 targets for global development. Given the breadth of the SDGs, […]