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Leveraging Data for Development to Achieve Your Triple Bottom Line

Mobile Network Operators with advanced data for good capabilities see stronger impact to profits, people and the planet

Messaging Applications for International Development: A research initiative from the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) and Echo Mobile

In its mission to steward best practices in digital development, DIAL and Echo Mobile partnered in 2017 to better understand how, and to what effect, international development organizations have used different messaging apps. At the 2018 ICT4D conference, a new online resource was launched to help development practitioners and application developers with findings, insights, and tips on how messengers can be best utilized in daily development and relief work. The website features:

  • 6 case studies: detailed analyses of development and humanitarian initiatives that have utilized messaging applications. Based on in-depth interviews, each case explores the decision making and implementation processes and analyzes the results for lessons, focusing on accomplishments as well as unforeseen challenges and opportunities.
  • 13 project summaries: focused on 13 organizations that have deployed messaging applications for development projects across different regions and sectors. The findings from each project have been summarized in one-page briefings that provide insights for development practitioners and technologists.
  • 1 report: which examines crosscutting insights, similarities and differences in use cases involved in this research, and synthesizing lessons for development and technology practitioners.

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Unlocking MNO Data to Enhance Public Services and Humanitarian Efforts

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) released Unlocking MNO Data to Enhance Public Services and Humanitarian Efforts, which provides insights to governments, humanitarian organizations and mobile network operators (MNOs) on the shared value proposition of using MNO data for development (D4D).

Understanding how best to acquire and integrate new data elements is still a struggle for the development community. The Digital Impact Alliance, in partnership with Delta Partners Group, investigated which data elements (location, user profile, usage and spend) were most useful to each development sector, in comparison to how difficult it was to extract the data. The team based its analysis on applications in five sectors: economic development, humanitarian assistance, health care, education and agriculture and to prioritize the most important insights, the analysis focused on:

  • Viability: The level of risk associated with sharing data
  • Implementability: The ease of data ingestion, transformation, storage, analysis and visualization
  • Replicability: The level of reusability of the same insight across several different development needs and sectors

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Beyond Scale: How to make your digital development program sustainable

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) launched Beyond Scale, a free online guide for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that details key challenges and potential solutions when scaling and sustaining digital development programs beyond the ‘valley of death’ – the problematic phase many digital development implementers face when the pilot is over and the funding may be running out. DIAL partnered with BBC Media Action and Esoko to share their learning and experiences of what works – and as importantly – what does not. It also partnered with Vital Wave and Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative to source digital development emerging best practices from around the world.


Stockholm Internet Forum 2017: The Promises and Risks of the Platform Economy

Video by Sida

Moderated by DIAL’s Senior Director of Platforms and Services, Jeff Wishnie. View the session.



Article by Kate Wilson

The Digital Impact Alliance’s CEO, Kate Wilson, wrote an article for trendradar about the need to close the digital divide between emerging and developing countries in order to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Download the full trendradar publication here.

Connecting the Next Four Billion

Report by DIAL, USAID and SSG Advisors

This report highlights that while there are a range of ongoing efforts to promote greater access to the internet, gaps remain that slow progress toward universal access. It is up to governments, technology companies, and investors to take the next step and create opportunities for economic and social development in rural communities across the globe.

Closing the Access Gap

Report by DIAL, USAID and Caribou Digital

This report shares recent and ongoing efforts to test business model innovations, providing both a framework to help decision makers consider where innovation can best address gaps in their specific contexts, as well as lessons and opportunities for action across the ecosystem.