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The Open Source Center’s advisory team provides open source projects with a menu of consulting services. They have been created to address common pitfalls faced by digital public goods and this list is organized to be reflect the broad service themes: technical, community, legal/IP, sustainability.

Access the full menu of advisory services here.


Digital Public Goods Sustainability Workbook

The Open Source Center team has developed a series of workshops and exercises to help digital public goods plan for their long term sustainability. The workbook is available for teams to guide their internal strategic product planning.

Download the guide here.

Simple Financial & Maturity Models for Digital Public Goods

The long term maturity and financial support of digital public goods is critical for sustainability. The Open Source Center has developed simple financial and maturity models to allow teams to quickly evaluate software projects’ maturity lifecycle, as well as their potential revenue streams and business models.

Related Resources

BLOG: 5 Things Digital Public Goods Software Projects Need to Scale

The need to accelerate progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals has led to investment in digital tools that support social objectives. Here are some things we have learned through deep programmatic engagements with 30 DPGs, from the 134 DPGs in our community, and through collaborations with organizations like Digital Square and the Digital Public Goods Alliance.

WEBINAR: World Economic Forum, case for Digital Public Goods Foundation

Recording of WEF webinar where DIAL discusses the role of open source software designed in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. The webinar addresses the role software plays in international development and make the case for convening a multi-stakeholder effort to develop support to support these products to achieving long term sustainability and shared value.


PRESENTATION: Case for Independent Software Foundation for Digital Public Goods

The ambition of digital public goods, to co-invest in shared open source technology investments to accelerate achieving the sustainable development goals, requires not only investment in their creation, but also a mechanism for long term support. We are argue that the creation of an independent software foundation is critical for the long term sustainability of digital public goods.