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DIAL is supported by a global team committed to creating a more inclusive digital society

Executive Office

Kate Wilson, CEO

Kate believes that digital technology products, new technology policies and updated business model practices are required to make transformative change in the lives of the underserved and decrease the growing digital divide. Kate joined DIAL in February 2016 as its CEO to fulfill this vision. She has committed the past 26 years to bringing diverse stakeholders together to find common ground in business, technology and policy, holding leadership roles in both the corporate and non profit sectors. Learn More 

Chris Maloney, Senior Director for Strategy and Business Development

Chris Maloney joined the Digital Impact Alliance in April 2021 as the Senior Director for Strategy and Business Development. In this capacity, he oversees strategy integration efforts across DIAL’s business units, and works closely with the CEO on donor and partner outreach. Learn More.

Monitoring and Evaluation Team

Laura O’Brien, Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Laura is motivated by the vast, ever-changing digital development ecosystem and the continuous opportunities for research, collaboration, and learning it provides. She joined the DIAL as the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager in February 2018, building on her previous work at the nexus of international development, evaluation and innovation. Learn More

Scott Neilitz, Senior Associate, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Scott believes that creative innovation and technology have the potential to improve the lives of people in low and middle-income countries. He also believes that through constant and iterative research and learning, we can improve programs and, ultimately, impact. Scott joined DIAL in 2018 as a Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Associate. Learn More

Insights and Outreach Team

Laura Walker McDonald, Senior Director, Insight and Outreach

Laura is a technologist, lawyer and strategist with more than 12 years of global experience in the aid and development space. Laura’s career has focused on helping social change organizations all over the world use technology in principled and impactful ways to support their mission. She brings together practices and people humanitarian aid and development, applied research, software product management, and human-centered design. Learn More 

Mary Jo Kochendorfer, Director, Policy and Research

Mary Jo has over 10 years of experience in addressing challenges across the global development sector from building open source software, implementing mobile and web based health solutions to measuring social impact. Learn More 

Michael Downey, Director of Community

Michael’s career in IT and open source spans nearly two decades both in the healthcare and financial services industries, as well as the nonprofit world. In his current role, he helps build a vibrant and active open source software community for high-impact technology for development (T4D) projects that advance DIAL’s mission. Learn More 

Claudine Lim, Manager, Principles for Digital Development

Claudine first joined the Digital Impact Alliance in October 2017, shortly after receiving a dual masters in international relations and public relations from the Maxwell School and S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University. After working as a Program Coordinator and Researcher for DIAL’s Business Operations, she is currently working with the Principles of Digital Development. Learn More

Nicki Ashcroft, Program Manager

Nicki joined DIAL in April 2021 as Program Manager. Before that, she was at Population Services International, working on sexual and reproductive health projects and general operations, and at the Institute for Reproductive Health, working on mobile and digital health projects. Learn More.

Coby Jones, Manager, Communications

Coby uses her strategic communications skills and experience to promote justice and equality through her work and writing. She believes storytelling should be at the heart of any communication strategy, and that storytelling can change the world. Learn More

Trish Dorsey, Product Manager, Communications

Trish is passionate about storytelling and has a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams from project initiation to closing. She joined the Digital Impact Alliance in March 2020 and plays a pivotal role in the planning, execution, and dissemination of products that support DIAL’s overall strategy and goals. Learn More.

Rachael Keyl, Senior Associate, Brand and Events

Rachael manages, plans and coordinates international and domestic events in support of DIAL’s mission, including gatherings of stakeholders, launches of new initiatives and programs, and annual meetings of the Board of Directors. She joined DIAL in August 2016 as an Executive Assistant to DIAL’s Focus Areas, overseeing travel logistics and scheduling. Learn More 

Nick Gates, Associate, Policy and Research

Nick believes in the power of sustainable and inclusive digital technology to extend good governance, as well as promote social and economic empowerment. He joined DIAL as a Fellow during the Summer of 2019, working on partnerships and the ICT4SDG program, before continuing with the organization as an Associate in April 2020. Learn More

Integrated Delivery

Jake Watson, Senior Director, Technical Programs

Jake seeks to maximize the positive impact technology can have in support of humanitarian and international development programs and projects. He believes that technology is only one piece of the puzzle and that a deep understanding of context and local ownership are the keys to success. Jake joined DIAL in May of 2018 as Senior Director of the Platforms and Services group and is a member of the Governance Board for Digital Square. Learn More

Rachel Sibande, Senior Director, Country Outreach

Rachel works to demonstrate sector-wide collaboration between D4D actors in deploying initiatives that enhance data use for evidence-based decision-making. She joined DIAL in September 2017 as Program Director, supporting program partners in selected countries. Learn More 

Theresa Nyamupachitu, Director, Programs and Operations

Theresa believes in digital inclusiveness for sustainable development. With deep roots in health systems strengthening, she is committed to improving health outcomes through the use of digital data, technologies and platforms. Before joining DIAL, she held senior advisory roles for more than 12 years in program operations, donor compliance, and financial and technical management at IMA World Health and John Snow Inc. Learn More 

Diana Sang, Senior Technical Advisor, Strategy and Partnerships

Diana is a firm believer in the power of ICT to become the largest distribution platform for delivering public and private services to millions of people in urban, rural and poor areas. She is convinced that the mobile platform is the single most powerful way to extend economic opportunities and key services to millions of people and is dedicated to supporting more opportunities for connectivity to flourish. Learn More 

Tanvir Singh Natt, Delivery Manager

Tanvir is responsible for assessing and mapping the technical capabilities of mobile provider partners in meeting the needs of the NGO sector, as well as helping his team identify opportunities for driving platform integration within the ecosystem so there is a more seamless experience for the provisioning of mobile connectivity within digital services in emerging markets. Learn More 

Sherman Kong, Technical Advisor

Sherman Kong is most committed to achieve development impact through informed data-driven decision making and technology-aided efficiency, a principle he reinforces through DIAL by helping to advance the ICT4SDG body of work and to apply the Digital Investment Framework in practice. He has past experience in health systems and digital innovation, data management, and facilitation of knowledge by research and policy priorities. Learn More.

Maurice Sayinzoga, Senior Manager, Policy and Research

Maurice brings nine years of experience as a development professional to DIAL. His work spans the fields of education, public health, youth livelihoods development and ICT. Maurice first joined DIAL in June 2017 as a fellow, and then stayed with the team as a staff member from August 2017. Learn More

Steve Conrad, Engineering Lead

Steve is a software engineer and technology architect with over 15 years of experience in both the private and non-profit sectors. In his current role, he is focused on making open source software better and more interoperable. He is also an advocate for mentoring and teaching developers and helping to create sustainable jobs in places where talent is abundant but opportunities are rare. Learn More 

Nyoman Ribeka, Software Engineer

Nyoman, who prefers to go by Win, is a passionate software engineer who believes in working together through people and technology to create a better world. Win also believes that nurturing new and passionate engineers brings out the best in them, sets them up for success and eventually, will help sustain software development projects. Learn More

Open Source Center Team

Heath Arensen, Director of Open Source Center

Heath is a global nomad with an itch for entrepreneurship, having spent more than 15 years founding and scaling tech-driven startups in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He thrives at the intersection of technology and social good, with experience in founding startups, in impact investing and in product incubation. Learn More 

Business Operations Team

Rachel Patterson, Senior Manager, Programs and Operations

Rachel joined DIAL in January 2017 as Executive Assistant to DIAL’s CEO and Business Operations team. Before that, she worked in the United Nations Foundation’s Executive Office as an Administrative Assistant providing support to the President and CEO. She has also worked in higher education administration and Air Force libraries.  Learn More 

Tianlun Hao, Senior Associate, Finance

Tianlun joined DIAL in April 2021 as a Senior Associate, Finance. Previously, Tianlun was a Financial Analyst of UNICEF USA’s Impact Fund for Children, primarily focusing on the Fund’s financial management, pipeline due diligence, and impact investing efforts. Learn More.

Shruti Ratnaparkhi, Senior Associate, Programs and Operations

Shruti joined DIAL in May 2019 after graduating from the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs with a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Economics. Learn More

Eva Achero, Senior Associate, Programs and Operations

Eva joined DIAL in January 2018. She was attracted to DIAL to be a part of the team that helps bridge the gap of digital inclusiveness in the world. Eva’s professional background spans higher education, social security administration, mobile telephone industry and print media. Learn More

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