DIAL Staff

DIAL is supported by a committed and growing team. We’re growing, so please keep an eye out for our new job opportunities.


Kate Wilson


Kate believes that digital technology products, new technology policies and updated business model practices are required to make transformative change in the lives of the under-served and decrease the growing digital divide. Kate joined the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) in February, 2016 as its CEO to fulfill this vision. She has committed the past 26 years to bringing diverse stakeholders together to find common ground in business, technology, and policy, holding leadership roles in both the corporate and non-profit sector.


Beth Gertz

Senior Strategy Advisor

Beth Gertz helps corporate, non-profit and government organizations develop actionable social impact strategies, improve operational effectiveness and strengthen delivery and impact in the developing world. Beth has been serving as the Digital Impact Alliance’s Senior Strategy Advisor since its inception in July 2014. Beth is also Managing Director of Seven Hills Advisors, a social impact strategy consultancy that specializes in the design of multi-stakeholder partnership and program design.

Jeff Wishnie

Senior Technology Advisor 

Jeff Wishnie works to increase the pace of innovation of digital platforms and services for the underserved. Jeff joined the Digital Impact Alliance as its Senior Director, Platforms and Services in June 2016. He brings 10 years of technology-for-development implementation experience having served as CTO for Inveneo—a pioneering rural-power and connectivity non-profit, Co-Director of Social Impact at ThoughtWorks—a global software consultancy, and most recently as Senior Director of Program Technology for Mercy Corps—an international humanitarian and development agency operating in 40+ countries.


Melissa Johns

Senior Director, Insights and Impact

Melissa Johns is dedicated to increasing opportunities for people through greater access to information and networks.  She believes digital technologies are the best tools we have towards that goal.  Melissa joined Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) in 2017 as its Senior Director for Insights and Impact to lead DIAL’s overall research program, knowledge dissemination and influence agenda.


Allana Nelson

Program Manager, Principles for Digital Development

Allana Nelson has spent the last eight years working in government, non-profit, and private sector organizations specializing in project management and business operations in the areas of international development, communications, and training. Allana joined the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) in March 2017 as the Program Manager for the Principles for Digital Development on the Insights and Impact team. In this position, she is responsible for promotion, education, and advocacy of the Principles. Prior to joining DIAL, Allana worked at USAID on technology-based solutions to the Ebola response and recovery efforts in West Africa.

Dustin Andres 

Community Lead, Insights and Impact

Dustin Andres has spent his career at the intersection of technology, communications, and global development. As DIAL’s Community Lead for the Insights and Impact team, he works to deepen engagement and adoption of the Principles for Digital Development with endorsers and the broader development community. Before joining DIAL, he founded a communications consultancy specializing in knowledge capture and product development in support of a range of thematic areas – for clients such as FHI 360, International Refugee Committee, the United Nations Foundation, and the University of Maryland. This work specialized in the use online tools to build off-line communities in support of development goals, including the design of multichannel and low-bandwidth campaigns, multimedia storytelling, and iterative analytical strategies to increase audience engagement and shape user behavior.


Rezvan Ma’ani


Rezvan is driven by strengthening development institutions and ecosystems to deliver impact. Rezvan joined the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) in 2017 as its Manager for Insights and Impact to shape DIAL’s overall research program, elevate learnings across DIAL’s focus areas, and guide knowledge dissemination and advocacy.


Maurice Sayinzoga

Senior Associate

Maurice Sayinzoga brings 9 years of experience as a development professional. His work spans the fields of education, public health, youth livelihoods development, and ICT. Maurice first joined the Digital Impact Alliance in June 2017 as a fellow, and then stayed with the team as a staff from August 2017.


David McCann

Director of Technology for the T4D Open Source Software Incubator & Accelerator

David McCann serves as Director of Technology for the T4D Open Source Software Incubator & Accelerator at DIAL. He brings 10 years of experience building and managing small teams to achieve greenfield goals in both the non-profit and private sectors.

Kai-Lik Foh

Kai-Lik Foh

Program Director, Platforms and Services

Kai-Lik Foh works to identify as well as promote innovative solutions in collaboration between the mobile and development sector, to improve access to basic digital services for the underserved.  Kai-Lik joined the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) in February 2017 as Program Director of the Mobile Network Integration Initiative, aiming to improve the pace and efficiency of service delivery by the development sector through core mobile channels.

Michael Downey

Director of Community, Platforms and Services

Michael Downey is the Director of Community for the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL)’s Open Source Software Incubator & Accelerator. Michael’s career in IT and open source spans nearly two decades both in the healthcare and financial services industries, as well as the nonprofit world. In his new role, he will help to build a vibrant and active open source software community for high-impact technology for development (T4D) projects that advance the mission of DIAL. As a long-time participant in the T4D community, he is excited about DIAL’s unique opportunity to help build a digital society that serves everyone.


Diana Sang

Marketing Engagement Lead

Diana is a firm believer in the power of ICT to become the largest distribution platform for delivering public and private services to millions of people in urban, rural and poor areas. She is convinced that the mobile platform is the single most powerful way to extend economic opportunities and key services to millions of people, and is dedicated to supporting more opportunities for connectivity to flourish.


Ebuka Ezewuzie

Technical Lead

Ebuka Ezewuzie works to identify technology, capacity and infrastructure gaps that are impeding the proliferation and delivery of digital and mobile services to the underserved and works to assess and engineer innovative solutions, practices, processes and standards collaboratively with technology service providers in order to improve access to basic digital services for the underserved. Ebuka joined the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) in May 2017 as Technical Lead, Platforms & Services.

Syed Raza

Senior Director, Data

Syed Raza works to demonstrate and promote adoption of systemic solutions and enabling environments for large scale use of data, such as mobile data, for the underserved. Since June 2016, Syed has served as the Digital Impact Alliance’s Senior Director of Data. Previously, Syed spent 15 years in industry, with roles in private equity, management consulting and high-technology firms.

Rachel Sibande

Program Director

Rachel Sibande works to demonstrate sector wide collaboration between D4D players in deploying initiatives that enhance data use for evidence based decision making. Rachel joined DIAL in September, 2017 as Programme Director, supporting DIAL program partners in selected countries.

Danielle Dhillion

Danielle Dhillon

Senior Program Analyst

Danielle Dhillon works to demonstrate the value of a viable Data for Development (D4D) ecosystem for driving effective learning and decision-making across development programs, the public sector and the private sector. Danielle joined the Digital Impact Alliance in March 2017 as Senior Program Analyst, Data for Development. Prior to this role she was an analyst at the J.P. Morgan Private Bank.

Daniel Hayden

Senior Director, Business Operations

Daniel Hayden is committed to improving the results of social impact organizations by designing and managing systems that increase stakeholder trust. Since June 2016, Daniel has served as the Senior Director of Business Operations at the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL). Before joining DIAL, he advised the United Nations Environment Programme in the design global campaigns to reduce marine litter and trade in illegal wildlife.


Barbara Willett

Director, Investment Evaluation

Barbara Willett leads the Digital Impact Alliance’s efforts to bring an innovative and flexible approach to monitoring, evaluation, and learning for its investment portfolio – one that allows for frequent reflection, evolution, and decision making in the face of a dynamic and uncertain ICT ecosystem.

Jesica Thavarajah

Senior Manager, Grants and Finance

Jesica Thavarajah believes in the transformative power of technology and creating an inclusive digital society through innovations in grantmaking. She joined DIAL from Dexis Consulting Group where she supported 25+ projects around the world and from donors including USAID, Department of State, and private firms.

Stephen Erbrick

Senior Program Associate

Stephen Erbrick is dedicated to supporting diverse programs and sectors at the intersection of social impact and technology. Steve joined the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) as its Program Associate in November 2014 to provide research and analysis, communications and business operations across DIAL’s focus areas. In his previous role in the Executive Office at the United Nations Foundation, Steve supported special initiatives to advocate for the United Nations and connect people, ideas, and resources to solve global problems.

Rachel Patterson

Associate, Finance & Grants

Rachel Patterson joined the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) in January 2017 as Executive Assistant to DIAL’s CEO and Business Operations team. Prior to joining DIAL, Rachel worked in the United Nations Foundation’s Executive Office as an Administrative Assistant providing support to the President and CEO. She has also previously worked in higher education administration and Air Force libraries.

Paul Quirk

Paul Quirk

Director of Communications

Paul believes in the power of communication to help create a better world and has spent his career telling the stories that are often left untold.  Paul joined the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) in January 2017 as Director of Communications, after consulting with the team in the fall of 2016.  He brings to DIAL 20 years of strategic communications experience, working on behalf of association, foundation, government and non-profit clients doing work both in the United States and internationally.

Brittany Caplin

Brittany Caplin

Communications Manager

Brittany Caplin is passionate about helping organizations at the intersection of technology and social good raise awareness of its vision and initiatives among key stakeholders. In her role as Communications Manager, she promotes the Digital Impact Alliance’s mission to convene the public and private sectors to realize an inclusive digital society that connects everyone to life-enhancing and life-enabling technology. Prior to joining the Digital Impact Alliance in January 2017, Brittany worked with a wide range of public and private sector organizations to advance their communications goals.

Alexander Riabov

Social Media and Website Associate

Alexander has experience working for a number of international institutions, focusing much of his time on multilingual communications. His experiences constitute working with social media development, communications, brand marketing, campaign implementation, and user engagement. Through his international experience, he is passionate about communications, diplomacy and languages – connecting the world one at a time.

Rachael Keyl

Rachael Keyl

Events Management Associate 

As the Events Management Associate for Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), Rachael Keyl manages, plans and coordinates international and domestic events in support of DIAL’s mission, including gatherings of stakeholders, launches of new initiatives and programs, and annual meetings of the Board of Directors. Rachael joined the DIAL in August 2016 as an Executive Assistant to DIAL’s Focus Areas, overseeing travel logistics and scheduling.