Four Uses of the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

As digital technology becomes more commonplace in development programs, the importance of freely available, accessible, and trustworthy data on these tools becomes a critical link for development initiatives. Without data, Global Development Actors cannot discover and evaluate digital public goods (DPGs), compounding existing ecosystem challenges, such as the fragmentation and forking of source codes, duplication of effort, and the intensification of sectoral siloes.   The UN Secretary […]

Announcing the Launch of the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

If you are a global development actor (GDA), then you know the challenges in finding reliable data on digital tools and implementations. Data can empower users, save time and resources, reduce duplication of effort, and improve the response to crises. However, quality data is hard to access and many GDAs struggle to find data that […]

WHO and DIAL Share Data

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, governments, donors, and NGOs are all working to understand what digital technologies could be deployed for contract tracing, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19 outbreaks. These users want to understand what tools are being used and where. They want insight into which software products are best suited to address […]

Ecosystem Survey: On the Case for a Digital Public Goods Foundation

We want to hear from you! What would a foundation focused on Digital Public Goods mean for your project? Is it necessary? About this survey: This survey is seeking the insight from open source projects focused on social good, and those who support them, on the need for the creation of a dedicated support organization, […]

YOU’RE INVITED: Why open source software matters for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (session at WEF summit on 9/22)

Missed the webinar live? Check out the full video on Youtube. Join the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) for an online open affiliate session to discuss the role of open source software designed in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. This webinar will address the role software plays in international development and make the case for […]

5 Things Digital Public Good Software Projects Need to Scale

The need to accelerate progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals has led to investment in digital tools that support social objectives. As this software is increasingly deployed, open source licensing has been widely embraced by countries, the UN system, and international NGOs to avoid vendor lock-in, enable global adoption, while allowing local actors to […]

A Principled Approach to Rural Digital Transformation

Rural communities are disproportionally left behind when it comes to digital services, particularly in the fourth industrial revolution. Niger, which has a large rural population of 84 percent, wanted to ensure that its efforts to digital transformation reached and improved the lives of rural citizens. In 2018, Niger Agence Nationale pour la Société d’Information (ANSI) […]

Empowering rural communities in Niger through digital technologies

A three-hour drive from Niamey, Niger’s Capital city, is Borgou-Darey. Tucked underneath a cloud of dust, which on the day we visited painted the sky in a yellowish tint, the village is the first implementation of an ambitious government initiative called “Smart Villages”. The Building Smart Villages: A Blueprint report has been published and will […]

The Role of Public Procurement in Digital Transformation (Part II)

Earlier we published part I of this blog post to introduce DIAL’s strategy and thinking as it relates to public procurement and digital transformation. We shared some early insights from our recent listening study and goals of our Category Guide for Procurement of Digital Technology. Now, we will share our ideas for what this guide will look like.  Who will use the Category […]

Using Open Source Tools To Fight COVID-19

As we all adjust to living with the new realities that COVID-19 has brought, we are reminded how fragile our world can be. However, many open source tools and technologies have been developed that are being used to fight this crisis around the world. Two of these tools are: SORMAS (the Surveillance Outbreak Response Management […]