Maurice Sayinzoga

Valuing Impact for ICT Investment: Helping Funders and Policymakers Make Sustainable Digital Investments

Every investment presumes a trade-off or an opportunity cost, and digital investments are no exception. Moreover, the lack of investment in digital infrastructure and digital innovation creates long-term challenges particularly for low-income countries, with both direct and indirect costs. The trade-off with digital investments may come in the form of a different technology platform or, as is […]

Empowering rural communities in Niger through digital technologies

A three-hour drive from Niamey, Niger’s Capital city, is Borgou-Darey. Tucked underneath a cloud of dust, which on the day we visited painted the sky in a yellowish tint, the village is the first implementation of an ambitious government initiative called “Smart Villages”. The Building Smart Villages: A Blueprint report has been published and will […]

The New Evaluation Frontier

Evaluation practice in the international development sector has evolved significantly over the last decade. It wasn’t that long ago that most development projects would only track output indicators for their quarterly and annual reports. Evaluating the success of a project’s ability to create behavior change, such as utilizing a mobile app to increase literacy rates, by only tracking […]

Where Africa Connects: A Dynamic Week at the Africa Tech Summit

The excitement at the African Tech Summit (February 13-15, 2019) at the sprawling Kigali Convention Center in Kigali, Rwanda was electric and palpable.  An annual three-day conference that showcases the best of Africa’s growing influence in the tech sector, the Summit brings together representatives from the private sector, universities, civil society organizations and other influential stakeholders. As […]

Towards A More Gender-Inclusive Open Source Community

For over two decades, free and open source software has given us the ability to empower anyone to become collective owners of impactful technology with the freedom to study, change, and share technology solutions for social good. At the Digital Impact Alliance, we strongly believe in what these freedoms can offer to those working in […]

Open Source in the Field: Two Case Studies from Open Data Kit (ODK)

Open Data Kit (ODK) is a suite of mobile data collection tools designed to replace paper-based forms when gathering data of all kinds in low connectivity areas. The idea to develop ODK stemmed, in part, from observing and trying to solve data collection problems in rural and resource poor communities. ODK exemplifies the qualities of […]

Inspired by the Next Generation of African Leaders

Yesterday, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) participated in the Partnership Expo at the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. This fellowship is part of an initiative launched by President Obama in 2010 to support the next generation of African Leaders. The Mandela Washington Fellowship brought together hundreds of young African professionals, age 18-35 years, […]