Matt Haikin

Cross-post: Positive Collaboration Is Possible Between Aid and Mobile Sectors

Recently, the Digital Impact Alliance, DAI and Accenture Development Partnerships hosted a London Technology Salon on the question of: “Is Positive Collaboration Possible Between Aid and Mobile Sectors?” Subscribe today to get invited to future Technology Salons in London Eminent thought leaders Diana Sang (Digital Impact Alliance) and Oliver Rowntree (GSMA) shared their varied experiences of collaboration between development actors and mobile network operators (MNOs) […]

Embracing New Approaches to Our Work When Projects ‘Fail’: What We’ve Learned About Financial Modelling for ICT4D

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) was established to develop common digital public goods that any sector and any country could use.  The mission our donors set us was to move nimbly, make mistakes, and scale successes.  While we have had a number of successes over the past two years (see our recent publications for examples), […]

Reflections on Mobile World Congress 2019: Working Towards an Inclusive Future

A few weeks ago, members of the mobile industry including mobile and fixed network operators, handset manufacturers, software and technology firms, network equipment providers and others gathered in Barcelona, Spain to attend the GSMA’s annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) to show their new tech and look to the future. What’s new?  Aside from some cool […]

Cross-Post: What Does The Rise of Digital Development Mean for NGOs?

Matt Haikin, an ICT for Development (ICT4D) practitioner, summarizes a new paper on digital development in East Africa reports and the challenges for Oxfam and other international NGOs. I’d been living in Nairobi for a couple of months, meeting all the interesting ‘tech for good’ types I could find (and there are a LOT for […]