Coby Jones

Procurement of Digital: Can We Simplify Complexity

In July this year, DIAL and Deloitte began work on the development of a toolset to support governments in low resource settings to improve their digital technology procurement outcomes. We actively chose government procurers as the key audience of this toolset because public procurement can be a powerful tool for change, used by governments not only to deliver services to citizens across all […]

Looking Ahead: A Digital Principles Update

This week, our Director of the Digital Principles program, Allana Nelson, announced that she would be leaving DIAL. She announced and reflected on her departure in a post on the Digital Principles blog. Here’s a taste: ‘I have been heartened to witness the Digital Principles move from a niche design framework to a mainstream measure of what good digital development looks like. The community has rallied […]

DIAL: Who we are

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) is an independent global alliance funded by leading development agencies and private foundations. DIAL was established in 2015 as a “think, do, replicate” tank. We combine practical research with evidence-based advocacy to advance digital inclusion to achieve the SDGs. DIAL identifies barriers to the routine use of digital solutions and data by development actors (countries, NGOs, […]

5 Things Digital Public Good Software Projects Need to Scale

The need to accelerate progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals has led to investment in digital tools that support social objectives. As this software is increasingly deployed, open source licensing has been widely embraced by countries, the UN system, and international NGOs to avoid vendor lock-in, enable global adoption, while allowing local actors to […]

A Principled Approach to Rural Digital Transformation

Rural communities are disproportionally left behind when it comes to digital services, particularly in the fourth industrial revolution. Niger, which has a large rural population of 84 percent, wanted to ensure that its efforts to digital transformation reached and improved the lives of rural citizens. In 2018, Niger Agence Nationale pour la Société d’Information (ANSI) […]

The Role of Public Procurement in Digital Transformation (Part II)

Earlier we published part I of this blog post to introduce DIAL’s strategy and thinking as it relates to public procurement and digital transformation. We shared some early insights from our recent listening study and goals of our Category Guide for Procurement of Digital Technology. Now, we will share our ideas for what this guide will look like.  Who will use the Category […]

The Role of Public Procurement in Digital Transformation

In a world where digital access and inclusiveness have never been more important for most citizens, the Digital Impact Alliance’s (DIAL) new five year strategy will seek to accelerate the number of digital transformation exemplars. This means build a global movement that unifies partners around a common vision and expand the availability of proven solutions for procurers so that countries can connect proven digital platforms and use data responsibly to achieve the SDGs […]

How DIAL staff are making the best of this moment in quarantine

The world is constantly changing around us. It is one of the constants of life. However, the abrupt changes caused by COVID-19 has had a halting effect like we have not seen in our lifetime. Erie images of empty city streets, empty airports, people waiting in line for the grocery store, and everyone from adults […]

Can the “new COVID-19 normal” help us achieve the SDGs by 2030?

Ifeoma Ibe is an Insights & Impact Fellow 2020 ushered in many anticipated technology trends like advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and the streaming revolution. However, weeks into the new year it became clear things would be overshadowed by the overwhelming onset of a pandemic. The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has […]

Cross-post: Turning Data into Decisions: Transforming public health supply chains using decision support systems

This blog originally appeared on Digital Square’s website and is cross-posted with permission. How do bananas make it from the tree where they grow to your local store? For that matter, how do they seem to arrive just as they are ripening? This is the power of an effective and efficient supply chain. Companies around the world […]